Assisted Living South Kendall


People require assistance and personalized care with their daily activities as they age. For such people living on their own is not possible. Luckily, Sunny Hills assisted living Kendall provides excellent facilities and personalized care to make these later years more enjoyable and relaxed.

With the finest services and care assisted living facilities in Kendall, FL you would happily leave your parents or loved ones here because you know they’re in safe hands.


Sunny Hills assisted living facility in Kendall consist of professionals and caregivers who help residents with personalized care and daily activities. The primary purpose of Kendall assisted living is to offer senior citizens the benefit of independent living, nurturing their minds and body, providing the best medical assistance, nutritious meals, wellness programs, therapies, amenities, luxuries, and excellent personalized care services.

With so many assisted living facilities in Kendall, Miami-Dade County, Florida, how can one decide which senior housing is best for their loved ones? Well, the answer is pretty simple: look for the best care and facilities for senior citizens when searching for a good assisted living facility. For an amazing-assisted living experience in South Kendall, with great amenities, care services, and other facilities for your loved ones, we have one of the perfect assisted living facilities for you- Sunny Hills Assisted Living Facility.


If you are looking for the best assisted living facility in Kendall, you are at the right place. Sunny Hills offers excellent personalized care services and facilities for senior citizens for everyday living. We aim to keep our residents healthy and happy and nurture them daily. Sunny Hills is undoubtedly the best-assisted living facility for your loved ones.

Sunny Hills assisted living facility is not just a senior living facility taking care of senior citizens. However, here we put all our heart and soul into making our residents happy, healthy, and engaging. We welcome our residents with all our hearts and make them part of our big, happy assisted living family. So, trust Sunny Hills and spend the best years of life in the best hands!


Along with the beautiful services being provided at Sunny Hills Assisted Living Facility, we also pay extra attention that our residents are having a great time here and are engaged in a fun yet mindful activities rather than getting bored.

The fantastic services and assisted living facilities our caregivers and expert staff provide are:

Nutritional and Flavorful Dining

We strive to keep our residents healthy. We prepare nutritional meals for our residents three times a day. Our primary focus is to provide them with healthy and freshly made food. We all prepare special diet meals or the food prescribed by the doctor for the residents. Healthy snacks are also provided to the residents in between meals. If there’s any medical requirement, room service is also offered.

The facility of Spacious Studio Apartments

Getting used to a new place could be challenging for senior citizens. To provide them with home-assisted living and a comforting ambiance, at Sunny Hills, our community provides the facility of beautiful spacious apartments. These spacious apartments are well-equipped with the best facilities, including personal air conditioners, a private bathroom, spacious closets with built-in drawers and shelves for storage, an alarm system, and windows with gorgeous views. You have much space to personalize your apartment as per your choice.

Provision of Excellent Service and Personalized Care 

Our trained caregivers provide services and care to our residents with love and dedication. We offer exceptional care plans for their physical and mental conditions. For those seniors living as dependent citizens, our caregivers assist them 24/7-who help them with eating their meals, bathing, dressing, etc. Professional nurses are also present during day time to take care of them.

Healthy and Mindful Activities 

Keeping our residents happy and mentally fit is the utmost priority of this community.  At Sunny Hills, we engage our residents in fun and healthy activities. To offer them a fantastic experience, we also engage them in unique things, such as; happy hour with weekly performances by outstanding musicians, fun events and parties, a wide range of fun and interactive activities, singing long Tuesdays, gardening, painting, and much more.

Amazing Facilities and Amenities 

We offer exceptional facilities and amenities at assisted living FL. Our outstanding amenities include a full-service beauty bar and salon, a walking path, a TV room, a beautiful gazebo, laundry service, massage therapists, and much more. We pay equal attention to your physical health and senior-friendly exercise programs. The residents are always kept busy in either different sports programs or leisure activities-which keeps them mentally and physically fit.

Top-Notch Healthcare Facility and Professional Nurses

Sunny Hills offers excellent healthcare services to its residents. Residents are given medication at the right time, for which a nurse is employed at the facility or arranged through a contract. They get the best nursing services through professional and expert nurses. The residents are supervised almost 24/7, depending on their needs and condition. They are provided with the best healthcare services, and their timely check-ups are done. 

Sunny Hills believes in providing the best of everything to their loving residents, and to make sure they have a great time at our assisted living, we also offer some additional services:

  • Professional and trained caregivers 
  • Beautiful campus 
  • Shopping and grocery trips 
  • Safe and secure environment 
  • Healthy and engaging leisure activities 
  • Laundry service and room maintenance 
  • Best assisted living home care
  • Call buttons available for emergencies
  • Standby generators
  • Transportation for medical checks-ups
  • Visitation hours for family members 

All our residents are important to us; to make them feel at home, we provide impressive care living facilities and amenities.


For our notable residents who have memory loss issues and need assistance always, we provide them with a secure and supportive environment. We offer outstanding care and facilities for our memory-impaired residents with Alzheimer’s or dementia- we offer them assistance to lead happy and healthy lives.

Sunny Hills provides professional nurses for assisted living memory care residents. Special Care is provided to residents, such as medical assistance, getting medications promptly, routine check-ups, engaging them in healthy activities for their mental well-being, making them comfortable and relaxed, accompanying them, etc. We are an excellent community for memory care and assistance in Kendall.


According to the Genworth 2020 Cost of Care Survey, the average cost of living in South Kendall is around $3500 a month. This average cost is almost $200 less than the state’s $3,700 and about $800 higher than the national average of $4,300 per month. The average cost of assisted living in South Kendall can vary depending on the facilities, care, and assistance provided to senior citizens in assisted living communities in South Kendall.

However, Sunny Hills is one of the highly affordable assisted living facilities in FL. Their charges are reasonable as per the facilities they provide for senior housing. Their payment plans are convenient, and there are no additional or different charges each month for care assisted living -the; the costs remain the same for each month. However, if there are any changes in medication or other facilities of the patient and the costs are updated, the patient’s family is informed in advance. In Sunny Hills, the monthly payments are also covered by equivalent insurance or Medicaid. For pricing info, you can always contact us to discuss the pricing plan for you or your loved ones; our representative will guide you about pricing details, the located area and options.


Sunny Hills ALF Kendall cares about each resident that resides with them. If you are interested in taking advantage of the FREE tours Sunny Hills offers to anyone in need of an ALF in Kendall, FL. Feel free to contact the team today. They would be happy to help show you around and answer any questions you might have about the assisted living options in Kendall.