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Old age has its benefits and drawbacks, like everything in this world. It is a relief that facilities are available to make this part of life joyful and fun. Most of life is spent caring for others; when it is time to take care of yourself, the body needs more rest. 

If you are looking for assisted living in the state of Florida or specifically Lakeland, you have come to the right place. The place where everyone has two hearts to care for the elderly and shower them with love and care.

Sunny Hills assisted living in Lakeland is a true partner for anyone. With various kinds of care given in assisted living in Lakeland, you would want your parent or elder relative to be most comfortable and feel at home. 


For your parents, you would want the best, just like what they gave you when you were dependent on them. However, we understand that taking care of a senior citizen with a job and a house can take its toll, which is why Sunny Hills is your dependable partner. 

Sunny Hills ALF Lakeland aims to keep people in old age happy and engaged and keep their loved ones carefree. We offer delicious dining, dedicated personal assistance, top-class facilities, and more.

Loving your parents/relatives and finding a place that offers prime assisted living in Lakeland, FL is a sign of your caring heart. However, if you are looking for assisted living for yourself, you will be grateful for your decision to visit Sunny Hills. 


With the finest services provided, one need not worry about spending time or being bored out of mind at Sunny Hills assisted living Lakeland. Some of the services offered to keep you engaged and have quality time are:

  • Flavorful yet Nutritious Dining

The main focus is to keep the senior citizens healthy. At Sunny Hills, we provide 3 freshly made, nutritious meals daily. The meals are also customized as per the given medical requirement. Snacks are given at regular intervals. If medically needed, room service is also provided. 

  • Dedicated Personalized Assistance

As per the medical condition, care is provided. Nurse staff is available during the day. Care plans can be tailored to specific requirements. 

  • Top-Class ALF In Lakeland

The center has several facilities at the Sunny Hills Assisted Living in Lakeland.  Some of the facilities include; a grand living room, a covered walking path and terrace, a picturesque Gazebo, a secure memory unit, a TV room, a beauty salon, etc. these services are provided to ensure that the residents enjoy each day. 

  • Spacious Studio Apartments 

The residents have apartments that are fully equipped with modern and required amenities. For example, each room has an air conditioner, bathroom, built-in closet, storage space, smoke alarm, in-room sprinkler, and ample space to move around and make it your home.

  • Fun Activities

We understand the importance of keeping fit and keeping busy. Sunny Hills assisted living is a place that designs activities for senior citizens keeping in mind their interests and their capabilities. For example, holiday events and parties, performances by various supportive organizations, interactive games, church services, cooking competitions, gardening, painting, senior prom, etc. All these are thoroughly enjoyed and praised by the residents and their families. 

  • Premium Healthcare Facilities 

Residents can get medical assistance, depending on their medical needs. If the person needs memory care, a dedicated staff member is assigned to provide the needed care. The requirements are different. Regular check-ups and health checks are conducted. 

At Sunny Hills, you will notice that we go above and beyond your expectations. Our primary aim is to provide comfortable living to senior citizens. So along with the amenities, you would find many features to increase the comfort level.

Some of the other features include:

  • Friendly and medically trained staff
  • 24 hours security and surveillance
  • Room maintenance
  • Outings for shopping and lunch
  • Located near upscale hospitals, clinics, doctors, malls, parks, etc.
  • Laundry and housekeeping are regularly provided
  • Call buttons for assistance in every room
  • Depending on the insurance, primary medical care is provided; it may include x-rays, lab tests, etc.
  • Emergency generators on standby

All these features help us ensure that our residents are completely at ease and experience a nurturing home-like environment. 

There are two types of care provided at Sunny Hills 


In this care, the person gets assistance in doing their daily chores like; bathing, cleaning, using the restroom, getting dressed, taking routine medicine or supplements on time, or just having someone to talk to. These are just some of the amazing benefits residents receive in an assisted living facility.


In memory care, senior citizens with mental illnesses like; dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. are taken care of. Medical assistance, routine check-ups, administering medicine on time, keeping them company, making them feel comfortable, etc. are done under this umbrella. The person is assigned a trained nursing staff and they get the optimum level of care. 


You might wonder what to look for and what is the most important factor to consider. You will need to perform your diligence when searching for an ALF in Lakeland. 

Here are some factors to look for:

  • Services provided
  • Medical care
  • Insurance coverage
  • Behavior and treatment of staff
  • Reviews and word-of-mouth
  • Cost
  • Vicinity (whether it is convenient for you to visit)
  • Features of the campus
  • The interest of your loved one
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Living options/living memory care, etc.

These and some required factors provide a guideline for what to look for. But, of course, you must ensure you get the best one. 

In Lakeland, senior living is cherished, and the best care is provided at Sunny Hills. For queries and visits, you can contact us at the given number. 


Lakeland, FL, provides the most inexpensive assisted living community. Assisted living care in Lakeland is professional and the costs are low. The costs are low so that the resident’s family doesn’t have to suffer or get indebted to give their loved one the best care in assisted living. 

The cost of living options and community care widely depends on the type of care required. For example, a senior resident may need specific medical care, and one might only need a little assistance for performing their daily tasks, both are different care types, and the charges will vary accordingly. 

Affordable assisted living facilities in Lakeland cost lower than the national and state average. Lakeland’s assisted living cost is $3,400 per month. Florida is one of the most affordable states in the US for Long-term care and assisted living facilities. Almost 23% of Lakeland’s population accounts for senior citizens.  

Sunny Hills is an exquisite and reasonably priced assisted living community. The payment is done monthly and is inclusive of all the services. The per month pay depends on whether the resident is available for assisted living or needs living memory care. The care provided for both types of senior living requires different expertise to deliver care.

At Sunny Hills, there is no itemized billing, and the amount to be paid would be the same each month. The payment is also covered by Medicaid or other equivalent insurance. If there is a need for medical assistance other than that mentioned, the assisted living care providing facility family will be notified beforehand. 

Lakeland assisted living, and nursing homes are different. If an older person requires both, the facility will make a setting to cater to their needs. The cost would be different for such individual care plans. 


Once you decide that you or a loved one needs assisted living services, a specific protocol must be followed to enroll. The requirements are straightforward and make it easy to decide whether you are eligible for it. 

  • Senior citizens of age 65 or above
  • Senior citizens of age 60 or above in case of physical or mental disabilities
  • Must be a Florida resident
  • Must have US citizenship
  • Must have valid insurance or Medicaid

These are the basic guidelines. Furthermore, the requirement will be specific to the individual, like; 

  • What type of assistance is required
  • What type of medical care is required
  • What type of nursing assistance is required
  • Will the older adult lives in a private apartment or semi-private, or will they get in-home care?
  • Do they need mental assistance or do they have any kind of mental illness?
  • Can the family take care of the person?

Before approval and enrollment, many other factors are considered, and financial stability is also checked thoroughly. For example, even though Lakeland has cheap assisted living communities, the cost may still be high for some. 

Once you apply for enrolment and get accepted, you can visit the facility or with the loved one you applied for. See if the facility is up to the mark and comfortable enough for the soon-to-be-resident. 

Getting to know the place and the staff will bring ease of adjustment and a smooth transition for the senior citizen. It is especially favorable when the care is assisted living memory care, as people with mental health challenges don’t find new places and new people comfortable to be with.


Lakeland is situated in Florida, US. Florida is one of the most populous states in the US, and among the higher number of people, a high percentage accounts for senior citizens only, almost 22%. To be able to cater to the long-term care and medical assistance required, many assisted living facilities are there. 

Florida is known to provide affordable assisted living care for the elderly. This is why Lakeland get the honor of being one of the cheapest assisted living community in the US.  

Senior citizens need assistance, and having more care options makes it easier for them to live a joyful life and enjoy their days the best they can. Assisted living facilities in Florida, specifically in Lakeland, have made their mark on the families and residents. 

Premium care services, combined with gorgeous weather perfect for outdoor activities most of the year, make it attractive for senior citizens. 


Lakeland, FL, is one of the finest places for senior citizens. The facilities, care, and assistance provided are unmatched. Sunny Hills keeps the bar high for other facilities across Florida and the US. 

You should always consider and weigh all the options before deciding on the facility you want to enroll in. This decision will greatly impact the mind of your loved one or yourself. 

Considering all the facilities and amenities, the cost can be a great factor, so make sure nothing is missed when you decide on the best place for your loved one or yourself. If you would like a tour of Sunny Hills, the right choice for anyone looking for assisted living in Lakeland, contact the team today.


A person of what age can apply for senior living?

In Florida, as a state rule, a person aged 65 and above can get assisted living care. And a person with any disabilities, age 60 and above, can apply. 

Can anyone apply for assisted living care?

No, not anyone can apply for assisted living. There is a background check for the person, and the person should also be financially sound enough or have Medicaid to pay for the cost of assisted living. 

Is there only one type of assisted living?

No. There are multiple types of assisted living. It mainly depends on how much help the older person needs. There are different types; some are;

  • Memory care
  • Respite care
  • Hospice care
  • In-home assisted living help,
  • Community assisted living to help

Can a person apply again if they were rejected by Assisted Living Care once?

Yes. If a person applied once and was rejected, it is okay to apply again after some time. There may be a protocol not fulfilled by them earlier, but now they fall under the required umbrella. 

Can a senior citizen get government help in paying for assisted living services?

Yes. If senior citizens are short on funding and do not have Medicaid or required insurance, they can apply for government aid. To get government aid, they will have to go through a process and be interviewed before the authorities decide whether they are eligible for funding.

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