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Senior citizens find it important to have care that is genuine and by the people who wish the best for them. Sunny Hills assisted living Richmond height has places that provide superb care and top-rated assisted living.


Sunny Hills Assisted Living Richmond Heights, A Place to Spend Life After Retirement and Senior Living

Of course, you would want the best for your loved ones, especially your parents, in their old age, just like how they gave you the best they could when you depended on them. It is not easy to take care of the elderly, especially if they become ill or disabled (mentally or physically). That is why Sunny Hills assisted living Richmond Heights is your partner for greater care.


Sunny Hills understands that taking care of a senior citizen with full-time responsibilities like a job and a house can take its toll. You can love your parents or relatives to bits but still not be able to provide the best possible care for them yourself. Sunny Hills assisted living is being offered in Richmond Heights, Fl. We aim to keep people in old age happy, as independent as they can be, and engaged to keep their loved ones carefree and satisfied seeing how our Homestead assisted living facility is a short drive south.


Finding a place that offers prime assisted living in Richmond Heights Florida can be a challenging endeavor. You need to find the perfect place that will treat your loved ones with respect and provide individual care. Sunny Hills will always strive to provide the best level of assisted living in Richmond Heights that money can buy.


Senior Assisted Living Facilities and Care for Senior Living in Richmond Heights Florida

Senior living can be fun if you have the right company and engage in healthy activities. Sunny Hills provides the finest services to keep you or your loved ones entertained, healthy and active. Some of the services offered to keep you engaged and have quality time are:


Nutritious and Delicious Dining

Sunny Hills provides 3 freshly made, nutritious meals daily to keep the residents healthy. These meals are made keeping in mind the nutritional value their bodies and brain need to function healthily. 


If there are medical requirements, meals can also be customized per the given requirement. At regular intervals, snacks like fruits and healthy snacks created by our team of chefs are given to the residents. Room service is also available if the senior citizen is sick or unable to come to the dining room.


Personalized Assistance and Individual Attention 

Care is provided at Sunny Hills to all the residents. But personal assistance is available if medically required or requested by the family or the resident. 


The nursing staff is available to keep the health of residents in check and to cater to any emergency medical issues. In addition, the care plans at Sunny Hills ALF can be tailored to specific requirements.


Unbeatable Facilities

Sunny Hills assisted living Richmond Heights FL, has several facilities. The facilities include; a majestic living room, a sheltered walking path, a picturesque Gazebo, a secure memory unit, a TV room, a beauty salon, etc. The facilities are scheduled and made to cater to the entertainment needs of our ALF residents.


Spacious Apartments

Each resident has a place that they can call home. The apartments are fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. The amenities provided include; a built-in closet, air-conditioner, smoke alarm, storage space, in-room sprinkler, bathroom, and spacious bedroom. 


All these facilities, along with the nursing staff at the facility, ensure safe and comfortable living standards for the elderly.


Engaging Activities

Keeping busy in engaging and healthy activities is a priority at Sunny Hills Assisted Living, Richmond Heights. The activities are designed for senior citizens keeping in mind their interests and their capabilities. 


There are captivating events for the residents, like; holiday events and parties, performances by various supportive organizations, interactive games, cooking competitions, gardening, painting, senior prom, etc. These activities are enjoyed, and memories are made to be cherished.


Exceptional Healthcare Facilities

Medical assistance is provided to the residents based on their condition. Sunny Hills provides dedicated memory care with well-trained staff; a nurse staff member is assigned to provide the required care. 


The requirements may differ as per the medical conditions. To avoid any medical emergencies, regular check-ups are conducted.


All the facilities available and delivered at Sunny Hills Assisted Living in Richmond Heights, Florida, are beyond your expectations. The primary aim is to provide residents with a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. Other factors are also included to make the quality of life better at Sunny Hills.


Some of the other features include:


  • Attractive campus
  • Medically trained nursing staff
  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Room and apartments maintenance
  • Regular outings for shopping and lunch
  • Premium location, surrounded by upscale hospitals, clinics, doctors, malls, parks, etc.
  • Laundry and housekeeping
  • Call buttons for assistance in every room
  • Medical care is provided depending on the insurance; it may include x-rays, lab tests, etc.
  • Emergency generators are on standby for any power outages

The home-like environment is assured by using these facilities. This also helps the residents be comfortable and at ease without getting anxious.


Two types of care are provided at Sunny Hills:


Assisted Living Care

The residents receive exceptional assistance in daily chores like; bathing, cleaning, going to the restroom, dressing up or changing clothes, taking medicine or supplements timely, or only by having someone to talk to. No matter the situation our residents are in need of assistance, we will be there for them.


Assisted Living Memory Care

Memory care is provided to senior citizens with mental illnesses like; dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc. The residents with such conditions are taken care of by the team of trained professionals performing medical assistance, routine check-ups, administering medicine, entertainment, etc. 


Cost of Assisted Living in Richmond Heights

Assisted living in Richmond Heights Florida is low compared to the national average. The median cost of assisted living in Richmond Heights is $3200. This cost is for basic assisted living for senior citizens who need little or no help with their personal chores.


The cost of memory care is higher as it requires personal attention and also a dedicated nursing staff to provide the required care. The cost may also go up keeping in mind the medical charges and tests that may be done regularly for the resident.


Sunny Hills provide premium assisted living facilities with low costs and charges. There are also payment plans that can be made keeping in mind the insurance or Medicaid for the resident and their family’s financial standing.


Richmond Heights is known for its senior citizen-friendly infrastructure, to add to the quality of old-age living, many assisted living facilities are providing premium care facilities.


Sunny Hills is one of the prestigious assisted living facility centers in the Richmond Heights neighborhood. The services provided are cherished for a long time and add to the comfort of the residents. Reasonable charges for the facilities and services provided at Sunny Hills assisted living make it even more likeable for the residents and their families.


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