Assisted living South Florida

Looking for assisted living help in South Florida? Sunny Hills ALF can help you. We are one of the top-rated assisted living facilities in South Florida. We have a team that is dedicated to ensuring you or your family members have the best experience possible at our facilities.


At Sunny Hills ALF South Florida We Care About You


As people age, it becomes vital to maintain independence; it’s the one-thing seniors fear the most losing. Most older people want to spend the rest of their lives in their homes because it is where they have history and wonderful memories. However, as they age, they tend to become weaker and lonelier, making it difficult to carry out routine activities.


You know that in the US alone, 1 in 5 seniors above the age of 70 has reported needing help with daily living activities (ADLs) – astonishing, right?


Nevertheless, if your parents are too hesitant to ask for help with living, you cannot turn a blind eye to their aging situation, ignoring their needs. Instead, you can help them in many ways without hurting their ego. One of the easiest solutions to make elderly people stay happy and healthy and live a great life with 24/7 care is to get them acquainted with an Assisted Living Facility. It is a way of living where people receive help from someone, yet they are still as independent as possible. South Florida’s health care system is expansive. You can receive in-home care and necessary support in an assisted living facility.


At Sunny Hills, we take great pride in providing the best-in-class senior living experiences for everyone who needs assisted living services in Florida. We provide personal and medical care to your loved ones and empower them to enjoy extravagant dining with chef-prepared meals, health-enhancing activities, home-like living experiences, and more. Senior citizens are not businesses but a family to us. We aspire to make them live comfortably, enjoying every moment. We welcome our new family members with open hearts – because we create relationships from your family to ours.  Assisted living in South Florida, goes by many other names, including personal or residential care, and falls under state licenses services that only a trained professional can carry out – and we have the best, fully trained, and licensed staff at Sunny Hills.


If you are looking for an assisted living facility in South FL, we are here to help. 



If you are hunting for a great assisted living facility, particularly in South Florida, you have to look no further. 


At Sunny Hills ALF South Florida We Help You Enjoy Your Later Years


We are amongst the bigger names in Florida for assisted living care, we have become the “talk of the town” – our residents love us and many of them have been with us for years. Our assisted living community holds licensed services that empower our residents to leverage all the basic services of an assisted yet independent living facility. 



As a senior, at such a tender age of 65 or above, you must have a particular way of living and mindset. As a result, you have different needs, interests, and preferences, and we understand that you will never want to compromise on any of these. This is why Sunny Hills is not just an assisted care facility but an extension of your home. We understand that every resident has a different history and we are happy to support and help every South Florida resident.


We have a lot to offer!

Professional Assistance and Care – We treat you like our own

Our facility has a well-trained team of licensed, experienced, and skilled personnel devoted to your care. At Sunny Hills ALF, we aim to provide round-the-clock availability, assistance, and professional care services. We must be well-versed in performing all types of care, such as physical assistance. We help senior citizens deal with mental health dysfunction by providing state-of-the-art memory care services. Our caretakers practice memory-boosting exercises that give our residents hope to relive their best moments.


We proudly offer astounding assisted living and care facilities for our memory-impaired family members. From dementia to temporary memory loss and Alzheimer’s, you have us to support you in leading a healthy life. We offer compassionate care with a full continuum of senior care, such as memory care, physical therapy, nursing, etc. The services also include independent living, respite care, and rehabilitation.


Sunny Hills have a team of professional nurses who look after our beloved assisted living memory care residents at any time of the day. Moreover, our staff provides prompt “special care,” including medical assistance, medicine administration, routine check-ups, and regular measurement and recording of weight and vital signs like sugar, blood pressure, and heart rate to keep a check on your health. 


You also enjoy nursing services, assistance, and assessments with bathing, grooming, dressing, and toileting – care aide better than you can ever get anywhere, not even at renowned nursing homes.


Your health and wellness matter to us. 


State-of-the-art Facilities – Live your life to its fullest

When you are in an independent assisted living facility in South Florida, you would want to enjoy your life, and we know how to make that happen. With a wide array of fun and health promoting activities, we also motivate you to get your groove back by indulging in yoga, exercises, morning walks, and more! Even if you suffer from weak eyesight, making reading difficult, our staff will be there for you to assist with reading. 


From medical management to physical therapy, entertainment, cleaning services, and many other zestful activities, Sunny Hills provide one-of-a-kind services. We are one of the few assisted living facilities in South Florida that go the extra mile to ensure your safety. As a senior, we know you can often be vulnerable to potential hazards like slips or falls. Worry not; we are here to take care of you. 


Our staff dedicates their time to prioritizing your safety and ensuring you do not get into unforeseen accidents. 


Blissful Dining – Food for your body and your soul


The biggest setback with any nursing home, hospital, or assisted care facility is that they provide bland, tasteless food. While they are trying to manage your diet and nutrition at its best, we know you want to satisfy your taste buds as well. 


Sunny Hills provides well-balanced and nutritious meals to maintain your health at an optimum level. The staff follows high-quality dietary management with carefully monitored diet charts according to your nutritional needs. In addition, you get home care with healthy food prepared from fresh ingredients.


We have an artful dining hall to take your food experience to the next level. We help you enjoy quality-eating time with your peers and friends at our assisted care facility. 


Home-Like and Spacious Living – A personalized space where you belong

At Sunny Hills, we have built spacious and peaceful studio apartments because we know you want to belong. You want to feel at home. 


We have created a blissful environment where you can live as comfortably and happily as you want. However, when you come and live with us, we understand that the initial days are always hard – this is why we encourage you to personalize your space here at Sunny Hills, an assisted living facility in South Florida. 


We help you put up your family pictures, add love to your space, and create a cozy environment where you can relax. Moreover, we ensure that you see your loved ones whenever and wherever you want, so there are no strict rules on meeting visitors, just simple criteria to follow. 


Mobility and Interaction – No more lonely days


We understand that you would not want to climb multiple staircases or walk down steep slopes at this age. So at our unique assisted living facility, we have built a place where moving in and around the area is hassle-free. Therefore, even if you have limited mobility or get exhausted too quickly, you can move around at your pace and enjoy the serenity of nature while leveraging our services. Your happiness is our responsibility. This is why we indulge seniors in hearty conversations to tell their stories and speak their hearts out. If you have no one to listen to at your home, come to us, we are all ears! We offer endless opportunities for our senior residents to socialize and interact with their fellow residents and staff.


Sunny Hills ALF is a great facility to spend your golden years; it offers both Independent and Assisted Living in a luxurious, resort-like setting. You can get units on a monthly rental basis that include meals, electricity, scheduled transportation, cable, entertainment, wellness check, laundry service, and unique lifestyle programs. You can take full advantage of all the pampering services with assisted living without hampering your independence.  


We have multiple residencies in many locations, such as Broward County, Palm Beach County, Miami-Dade County, Martin County, Collier County, Parkland, Sonata Coconut Creek, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, and others. 


Visit us, and let us provide the best level of ALF service you can hope for! 



How Can You Qualify?

Florida is known as the “sunshine state” and one of the best destinations to spend the rest of your lives or the golden years, with maximum independence yet all the necessary support you need. In different areas of South Florida like Miami, Broward County, and other areas, you can easily find an assisted living community like Sunny Hills that allow you to enjoy a wide array of opportunities and activities.


  • You must know that there is a certain criteria in Florida to qualify for assisted care, such as:
  • The applicant must be 65 years or older
  • The applicant must be disabled and 60 to 64 years old  (as per the Social Security standards)
  • The applicant must be a US citizen and Florida resident
  • The individual income limit must be at least $2,000
  • The individual must be diagnosed with a degenerative mental health condition or  need assistance with four or more ADLs


Even though we offer highly affordable assisted living in South Florida, we encourage you to know your options. As per the Cost of Care Survey by Glenworth in 2021, the average cost of assisted living facilities in South Florida is $3,500 a month – varying from $2,800 to $5,400. However, there are certain “fee waiver” programs in Florida as well – get in touch if you want to know about them.



At Sunny Hills, the assisted living facility in South Florida, we are a family that you would want to choose to spend your old age with! Nevertheless, no pressure! Visit our senior living facilities, tour the vicinity, talk to their senior communities, look at our written or video testimonials, and see what services like healthcare, memory care, entertainment, etc., are available.

Come and visit our lovely ALF in South Florida today.



What is the difference between assisted living and nursing homes?


Assisted living facilities and nursing homes are both types of long-term care options for seniors who need help with daily activities. The main difference between the two is the level of medical care and support that is provided. Assisted living facilities provide support with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and medication management, but they do not provide the same level of medical care as nursing homes. Nursing homes, on the other hand, are designed for seniors who need more extensive medical care and supervision. This may include help with medical conditions, physical therapy, and other medical services.


At what age do most seniors go for assisted living?


There is no specific age at which most seniors go to assisted living facilities. The decision to move to an assisted living facility often depends on a variety of factors, such as the individual’s health, their ability to live independently, and their personal preferences. Some seniors may choose to move to an assisted living facility in their late 60s or early 70s, while others may not move until they are in their 80s or 90s. The right time to move to an assisted living facility will vary depending on each individual’s unique situation. 


How much does it cost for assisted living in South Florida?


As per the Cost of Care Survey by Glenworth in 2020, the average cost of assisted living facilities in South Florida is $3,500 a month – varying from $2,800 to $5,400.