Assisted living Florida


Florida is famously known as “The Sunshine State” because of its gorgeous sandy beaches and pleasant weather. It is also renowned for being one of the top retirement destinations in the USA. Florida is among the ideal destinations for senior citizens to enjoy the golden years of their lives. So, when we talk about Assisted living in Florida, it is undoubtedly the best place for you or your loved ones.

According to the Assisted Living Research Institute, the United States has more than 20,000 senior living facilities, out of which 1775 are present in the state of Florida.


Florida, consisting of more than 5.2 million senior citizens and, has become one of the most ideal and elderly-friendly States in the US. Due to the many advantages and facilities Florida offers its senior citizens, this state has top-notch assisted living choices. Countless reasons make Florida one of the top-rated cities for senior living. Florida offers excellent assisted living facilities, providing full-time living arrangements in a home-like environment for its senior citizens. 

In most cases, elderly citizens need support and care from others in almost all of their activities, including personal care, meals, medical assistance, and other everyday activities. All these activities of senior citizens doesn’t require it to be done in a nursing home. For such citizens, a residency choice allows them to have independence while still benefiting from living in an assisted living facility located in Florida. 

 If you are in search of suitable assisted living services with all the amenities and facilities for your parents or your loved ones in different states of the US is not easy. Since an assisted living facility has both-its advantages and disadvantages, among all the states, Florida is your best bet for Assisted Living. Florida has many unique assisted living communities offering the best services for senior citizens.

For the best-assisted living experience in Florida, which has the best amenities, care services, and other facilities for your loved ones, we have the best-assisted living facility for you- Sunny Hills Assisted Living Facility located in and across Florida.


Everyone desires to provide the best facilities to their parents or loved ones. Sunny Hills truly understands that giving personalized assistance and care to senior citizens is a challenging task that’s why we take pride in offering the best Florida assisted living facilities and services. Our goal is to provide senior citizens with a home-like environment by keeping them happy, healthy, and engaged. Once you have visited our Sunny Hills Assisted Living Facilities in Florida, most notably our assisted living facility in Homestead, you’ll understand that your loved ones are in the best hands.

The Sunny Hills Assisted Living Facility was established to offer senior citizens the bounty of independent living while nurturing their minds and body, providing the best and most advanced medical assistance, nutritious meals, wellness programs, therapies, amenities, luxuries, and excellent personalized care services. All these services are provided to senior citizens with the help of professional and certified caregivers and trained staff.

Our ALF residents are like family members to us; we care for them and love them. At Sunny Hills, we invite new members wholeheartedly and happily to become part of our community.


As each new resident is unique, our assisted living facilities are one of the top rated Assisted living facilities in Florida, created to adapt to each individual. Different levels of healthcare providers and trained staff provide a better lifestyle and great facilities for senior citizens. With our excellent services, we assure that our senior citizens are having a wonderful experience and are engaged in mindful and healthy activities. The top-notch facilities and services offered by Sunny Hills assisted living in Fl are:

Nutritional Dining and Healthy Snacks

Keeping our senior citizens healthy is our utmost priority. At Sunny Hills, our chefs prepare low-fat and nutritious meals three times a day. We prepare nutritional meals, special diets, or prescribed food by the Doctor. We also prepare healthy snacks for our residents as per their taste preferences and medical requirements. Snacks are provided to them in between the meals. If any of our senior members face any medical condition, we provide room service, and all their meals are delivered to them in their rooms.

Spacious and Gorgeous Studio Apartments

Leaving your home and adjusting to a new place is not easy for everyone-specially for older citizens. To make our residents feel at home, we offer spacious studio apartments equipped with all the advanced facilities. 

Our studio apartments have personal air conditioners, a private bathroom, spacious closets with built-in drawers and shelves for storage, an alarm system, and windows with gorgeous views. Another fantastic thing about our apartments is that there is plenty of space to personalize them. One can easily add a touch of a home-like environment to their apartment.

Our Dedicated Caregivers Providing Personalized Assistance

Sometimes the elderly cannot take care of themselves independently and need personalized assistance. Keeping the needs of our valued residents in mind, our caregivers and staff provide the best services to them. 

We provide tailored care plans for their physical and mental conditions. For those senior living citizens who can’t look after themselves at all, our caregivers provide assistance to them 24/7-who help them with eating their meals, bathing, dressing, etc. Professional and trained nurses are always present during day time to take care of them.

Engaging and Fun Activities

As much as the physical health of our senior living citizens is essential to us, their mental well-being is also our top priority. At Sunny Hills, we engage our citizens in mindful and fun activities to spend quality time with them to ensure they do not get bored. Keeping everyone’s preferences in mind, we offer numerous engaging activities, such as; happy hour with weekly performances by outstanding musicians, fun events and parties, a wide range of fun and interactive activities, singing a long Tuesdays, gardening, painting, and much more.

Top-Notch Amenities

At Sunny Hills ALF, we take pride in providing our residents with the best facilities and amenities. We go above and beyond to give a home-like environment to our senior living citizens. Here are some of the exceptional amenities at our Florida assisted Living facility. Sunny Hills ALF includes a full-service beauty bar and salon, a walking path with a gorgeous garden, lake and palm trees, a TV room, a beautiful gazebo, laundry service, massage therapists, and much more. 

To keep you in shape, we also offer senior friendly-exercise programs. We also arrange an old sports program- fun and healthy for our senior citizens. We’ve been rated one of the best assisted living facilities in Florida because special attention is given to residents’ leisure and social activities. They are kept busy and creative, which is great for their physical and mental health.

Professional and Advanced Healthcare Facility

Sunny Hills always goes the extra mile to provide the best healthcare facilities to its senior citizens. Residents are given medication at the right time, for which a nurse is employed at the facility or arranged through a contract. Residents get the best nursing services through professional and expert caregivers and nurses. 

The residents are supervised almost 24/7, depending on their needs and condition. They are provided with the best healthcare services, and their timely check-ups are done. Their health monitoring is done promptly. They are being provided home health care-like services. Transportation is also provided for their health care services. Mental health services are provided to the residents, and they keep a check on the mental well-being of the residents.

All these facilities and care are provided to the senior citizens to provide them with a home-like environment and to keep them mentally and physically fit. At Sunny Living, we strive to provide the best of everything for our valued senior living citizens. Everyone who stays at Sunny Hills Assisted Living Facility is essential to us. 

  • To provide a unique assisted living experience for you, some of our additional features are:
  • Availability of compassionate and professional staff 24/7
  • Doctors’ visits for primary care, like physicians, physicians, physiotherapists, podiatrists, etc
  • Gorgeous campus having beautiful gardens and walking paths
  • Our caregivers and staff are well-trained and professional
  • Visitation hours or appointments with your family members or relatives
  • Transportation is provided for shopping and grocery trips
  • Call buttons in rooms and bathrooms for emergency or assistance
  • Depending on the resident’s choice- we also offer the facility to share your space with other residents
  • Safety and security of the our residents
  • Providing them assisted living home-like facilities
  • Room maintenance service and special cleaning facilities for patients with some medical condition, such as asthma, etc
  • The campus is near hospitals, shopping malls, beaches, and restaurants
  • Insurance and Medicaid coverage
  • Availability of emergency generators on the campus

As mentioned above, assisted living facilities offered at Sunny Hills Assisted Living in Florida are an excellent way for someone approaching old age to have an active and social lifestyle-giving them, a secure environment, the best healthcare services, memory care, and outstanding personal care service.


Another fantastic facility offered by Sunny Hills Assisted Living Facility, we specialize in providing a supportive and caring environment for memory care residents- such as residents having Alzheimer’s or dementia. We offer special assistance with the personalized and daily activities that our memory-impaired senior citizens require to live fulfilling lives.

We provide nurses for memory care residents for the day and evening. Special Care is provided to residents, such as medical assistance, getting medications promptly, routine check-ups, engaging them in healthy activities for their mental well-being, making them comfortable and relaxed, accompanying them, etc. To slow down the effects of memory loss, we also take our memory-loss residents to physical therapies and engage them in mindful games.

Having nurses aside, our caregivers are also specially trained to care for and handle memory loss residents with care and love. Our staff and caregivers support our memory loss residents and create a secure environment for them and their mental well-being. The memory loss residents are dealt with great affection and top-level Care at Sunny Hills.


Sunny Hills Assisted Living Facility Florida is setting the bar high in providing exceptional care and services to its beloved senior citizens. As a son or daughter, you might be worried about the well-being of your parents and wish to provide a fantastic living experience, but it might not be possible as you are living in another city or have a hectic schedule. Not to worry, at Sunny Hills, we take all your concerns away and provide our senior living citizens with the best of everything.

The positive impact on our ALF residents due to the care and facilities we provide to them are:

  • An extensive and happy community-sharing a loving and caring bond
  • Improved physical and mental health
  • Provision of advanced healthcare and assistance 24/7
  • Engaging in fun and mindful activities like gardening, arts and crafts, etc., are healthy for them
  • The care and service our caregivers provide them with a home-like environment and keep them healthy and happy
  • The well-being programs and therapies keep them busy and give them an opportunity to spend quality time
  • Their medical check-ups are done on a timely basis

Leaving your parents or loved ones in assisted living might not be anyone’s first choice. However, at Sunny Hills Assisted Living Facility, we provide excellent facilities, compassionate care, and top-notch service to your loved ones, which will undoubtedly make you believe that trusting Sunny Hills was one of your best decisions because we serve our senior citizens with love and care!


Per the 2020 Genworth’s Cost of Care Survey, the average cost of assisted living in Florida is around $3500 a month. The price can vary from $2800 to $4500 a month. Some of Florida’s most affordable assisted living facilities are in Tampa, Miami, Sebastian, and Punta Gordon. Places like Port ST. Lucie, Lakeland, and Gainesville have an average cost between $3400 to $3500 a month.

Some areas for assisted living are more affordable in Florida, while some of its other regions can be a little expensive. Fortunately, assisted living in Florida comes under the waiver program, which covers a specific cost of assisted living facilities for senior citizens. Sunny Hills Assisted Living Facility is an inexpensive assisted living facility in Florida. Their payment plans are convenient and feasible for residents’ families. All rates and charges are included in the monthly bills, and there are no additional or exclusive costs. 

Living costs in Sunny Hills depend on the mental and physical assistance provided to senior citizens. Charges might not be similar for all the residents, as facilities and care provided are not always identical. 

The payment criteria of Sunny Hills are highly professional, and the charges remain the same for each month. However, if there are any changes in medication or other facilities of the patient and the costs are updated, the patient’s family is informed in advance. In Sunny Hills, the monthly payments are also covered by insurance or Medicaid.


Florida is among one the first states in the United States to initiate legislating assisted living facilities. Florida assisted living Facilities have been licensed and regulated by the Agency of Healthcare Administration.

 If you have made up your mind to enroll your parent, loved one, or any relative in an assisted living community, there are specific requirements and a procedure for that, and the senior citizen should be able to fulfill those requirements; otherwise, they can’t be enrolled.

The procedure and requirements to enroll a senior citizen in Assisted Living in Fl:

  • The senior living citizen should be 65 or above age to be enrolled in assisted living
  • Senior citizens with certain mental conditions that could be dangerous to one’s self or other residents cannot be enrolled in assisted living
  • Specific medical tests and examinations of the senior citizens are done before admitting them to the assisted living facility
  • If the senior citizen has some medical condition or disease or is bedridden for a lifetime cannot be admitted to assisted living
  • The senior citizen should be capable of participating in social and leisure activities
  • The assisted living facility should be adequate to meet the needs of its residents

Some other factors are also considered before the enrollment of the senior citizen in the assisted living facility, such as the financial stability of the patient’s family because some assisted living communities are costly or some might not provide insurance coverage. Sunny Hills is an inexpensive assisted living facility in Florida and offers specific payment options.

It’s best to visit different assisted living facilities in Florida to help you find the perfect fit for yourself or your loved ones. Sunny Hills assisted living Florida offers tours of our wonderful facilities. You will be able to walk the grounds and interact with other residents.


Getting older can be a challenging and scary experience. Everyone wants to provide the best to their loved ones, and Florida ticks all the checkboxes for fantastic assisted living facilities. Sunny Hills Assisted Living Facility offers incredible benefits and unmatched care services for residents.

You are free to book a tour of Sunny Hills facilities today. Contact the wonderful team and they will be happy to help you with finding the perfect assisted living facility in Florida.