Assisted Living Florida Keys


Sunny Hills is a family-oriented setup dedicated to facilitating senior citizens in need to the best of our abilities. Exceptional assisted living housing with immense care and a homely environment that has been operating in the Florida Keys for close to a decade. 


Sunny Hills Is All About Love And Taking Care Of Others

Sunny Hills proudly present its pristine services for the senior citizens of Florida. Maintaining its class amongst all nursing homes and assisted living of Florida. Sunny Hills is the only senior housing that meets all the expectations of aged individuals and their concerned children. 

Life at Sunny Hills is simple yet full of love and happiness. 

The following are the services provided by Sunny Hills in Florida;

Delightful Dinette 

Sunny Hills operate in a unique way. They not only serve meals three times a day, but each meal is prepared with love, harmony, and all the precautions required. Every single recipe is designed to be nutritious yet delicious. Salt and fat are both kept low. Besides three meals of the day, an evening snack is served too. 

Sunny Hills nursing house has designed a beautiful dining hall but in case of a medical emergency, the meals can be served individually in the rooms.

Spacious and Homely Apartment 

Other than rooms and portions, Sunny Hills offer homely and spacious apartments for those who desire to stay in complete privacy. Each apartment is equipped with an emergency call button in each corner. The attached bathroom, air conditioner, huge spacious closets, and windows. A place with pleasant views.

Fun-Filled Lounge Activities 

Along with 24/7 assistance, health care, and medical assistance, the team at Sunny Hills ensures that elderly home mates enjoy a good time for a couple of hours. They offer lounge games, healthy discussions, memory care therapies, and friendly meetups.

Personalized Staff and Assistance 

Sunny Hills is a place with a trained staff that offers tailored care plans, and assistance 24 hours. The nursing staff is available at any time of the day, and there is a separate staff for the night shift. 


Sunny Hills also provide amenities along with similar packages and nursing care. 


The health care plan is customized for each elderly member according to their health issues. regular medical checkups, medicines, and hospital visits are accordingly managed. Sunny Hills is a place of harmony and care, we treat your parents as ours. Visit our senior housing and take a look at love filled assisted living atmosphere. for more information visit Sunny Hills 

Assisted Living 

A personalized housing society especially designed for the aged and older residents who require special treatment, assistance, and personal attention and care. The location of each senior housing is kept near residential areas so that it is easier for the family members to visit them often. We may provide apartments, semi-shared quarters, or sometimes individual rooms on both lower and upper portions. Most assisted living in Florida provides residence that offers a homely, caring environment that consists of a space that accommodates a home setup to maintain the independence of each individual. The intention is to nurture and care for each individual in their older days and make their life a lot more enjoyable.

Locate and visit any suitable assisted living facilities in the keys to see whether one is a good fit for you or a loved one. It can be easily done by searching online and asking your family health care provider for recommendations.

What Do Assisted Living Communities Provide? 

Assisted living is set up and arranged in different locations across the keys for the elderly and senior citizens of the community who need exceptional support for their well-being and health. The state directions regulate a health evaluation for the community, which ensures a healthy lifestyle and social activities. 

Following are the few most common services provided by assisted living; 

  • Managing prescribed medication by the doctor
  • Assisting in the usage of the bathroom
  • Grooming and dressing
  • Services for laundry and housekeeping
  • Preparing meals and transportation services
  • 24/7 availability of caregivers and care services
  • Separate dining areas with personalized menus

There are many assisted living facilities in the Florida Keys, such as Key West and Key Largo, Florida, that are officially licensed to meet the memory care of seniors residing in nursing homes. They are trained, and professional caregivers. However, you should ensure that they have a great reputation of caring for their residents.


Assisted Living in Florida (FL) 

Florida is a beautiful state. The majority of Florida’s financial resources are divided amongst areas that are used for the public, such as education departments, welfare, and hospitals. Florida is home to one of the most famous cultural amenities, theme parks coastlines miles. This state is the most popular destination after retirement. Florida has a larger senior community, and the health department heads such assistance programs for senior citizens. 

The average expenditure of Florida on hospitals and health is more than the U.S. average and is ranked amongst the highest in the populated areas. It is estimated that by 2030 over one third of residents will be over the age of 65. There are many reputable hospitals in the state, well equipped for older adults. There is absolutely no state income tax which is one of the main reasons why retirees may seek the Florida keys for their long-term living space. Also, Florida is one of the fewest states that offer affordable assisted living resources or assisted living facilities. The seniors have to pay around $4000 to $4500 for their care along with insurance.

Depending on their preferences and financial circumstances, elders in Florida have a variety of care alternatives at their disposal, including in-home and residential care.  In assisted living facilities, personal care and residential services typically cost $4,000 per month. 

The Outlook of Assisted Living Community in Florida (FL) 

Florida’s assisted living communities are like any independent living community with a similar lifestyle and social benefits. The assisted living facility offers programs that are very adequately designed and organized for the convenience and ease of the residents of the Florida Keys. The United States comprises around 29000 assisted living communities. It has been regulated in each of the 50 states. Florida itself offers a list of assisted living in most locations, including key Florida, key west, key largo Florida and Miami. Making sure that the home care services are just accurate enough to help out each individual. 

The assisted living community is categorized as per the requirement of the elders. From the high-rise apartments to miscellaneous acres and all that comes in between. The motto remains the same, treating the senior and in-need residents with the dignity they deserve and Independence they desire to have.  

Daily Activities of Assisted Living in Key West Assisted And Key Largo Florida 

Assisted living is mostly chosen because seniors find it hard to manage everyday chores. Those in dire need of help need assistance in at least two daily tasks. The following are the most common ADL (ACTIVITIES OF DAILY LIVING);


  • 78% help is required during bathing
  • 70% support is needed while walking
  • 65% assistance is required while dressing
  • 50% help is demanded while going to the toilet
  • 51% of support is required while transferring to bed
  • 20 % assistance is needed while eating

Programs For Long-Term Managed Assisted Care 

Managed care plans are part of the Long-Term Healthcare Program’s agreement with the Department for Healthcare Administration. There are 11 regions in the state, and each has individual long-term care policies. Some qualified candidates may be put on a waitlist until resources become available because there are a limited number of registration slots for this program. Plans may differ in their levels of coverage, but they must all offer certain basic services, such as:

  • Assisted Living
  • personalized nursing care
  • Case management and care coordination
  • Clinic
  • Continuous and specialized nursing services
  • administration of medication
  • supplies and equipment for healthcare
  • Individual care
  • Emergency Response System for Individuals
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapy


How Assisted Living Law Impacts Claims With Medicare and Medicaid 

Each state has particular provisions and limitations. Whereas personal coverage and pharmaceutical coverage continues. While Medicare does not pay for most of the assisted living costs. Most assisted living residents pay for such care through private pay or personal resources or with the help of tiny coverage of care through insurance. There are a few states that offer waivers that are produced especially for communities with low-income residents.

Laws For Assisted Living in Florida (FL)

Assisted living facilities in Florida comply with regulations set by the Agency for Health Care Administration, Bureau of Health Facility Regulation. These regulations ensure a high standard of care for residents by setting minimum requirements for care, staffing, and environmental features. All ALFs located in the Florida Keys must adhere to the strict laws put forth by the Florida State Government.


Contact Sunny Hills In The Florida Keys

With more and more people moving to the Sunshine State, it is important to remember that you need to find a location that works well for you and your family member you are planning to relocate into an assisted living facility. There are plenty of wonderful ALFs in the Florida Keys that offer the dedication and care that you are searching for. Sunny Hills is one of them. Contact our lovely team today for a tour of our facilities



Is key west assisted living affordable?

Key West assisted living is reasonable and affordable for residents looking to make the move.

What Is Assisted Living Memory Care?

Assisted living memory care is a service that not all ALFs can provide. Assisted living facilities in the Florida Keys must have a specific team that can manage the care of residents in need of memory care. 

Can Residents Keep Their Pets In Their Florida Keys Housing?

Pet policies are different in each ALF in Florida. You will need to speak with each ALF in the Florida Keys before you bring in a pet.